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November 4, 2018 – Dr. LaMarr Shields

Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields, best- selling author, inspirational speaker, and international educator provides a lively, positive look at what it takes to "Survive and Thrive" in tough teaching and leading situations. Infusing the brain and spirit using "talk therapy," each listener will have the opportunity to drink in a dose of healing words. Many educators, school administrators, counselors, and youth development coordinators harbor anxiety about "asking for help" because they do not wish to appear weak. Dr. Shields works from the premise that we are ALL exhausted and need support. Guided through a series of mini lessons on mindfulness, positive psychology, and motivation, the audience will emerge laughing, energized, and re-committed to the important work of saving lives, while saving themselves in the process.

Dr. Shields’ mission at is to collaboratively develop and sustain spaces of deep congruence where change agents can work both individually and collectively to (re)align their passions with their professional visions and purpose.  He envisions a world where change agents, through deeply connecting with their purpose, can ignite real and lasting change within themselves, and their organizations.

LaMarr Shields

November 5, 2018 – Davey Muise

A former school teacher and DIY musician, now standing on stages worldwide as the frontman of Boston based alternative punk rock band, VANNA - Davey Muise lives his life by not only  following his heart and pursuing his passions without fear of judgment but taking those passions and sharing them with as many people as possible. Everyday for Davey is a mission to grow and conquer both personally and professionally.

Nothing short of a survivor, Davey and his message of empowerment and overcoming adversity reaches far beyond the classroom or concert setting. He's harnessed the lessons he's learned from weathering the storms of depression, divorce, abandonment, and failure and uses them to help not only fuel his own flames but to inspire future generations to strive for a better life.


November 6, 2018 -Real Stories of Success From The Gritty Young Authors Of kid-grit: THE BOOK

In 2016, Julia Gabor and Jeffrey Jordan traveled across the country in search of young people who persevered against overwhelming obstacles. Their goal was to capture the youth voice in an effort to understand how young people overcome and navigate through the school system when they are experiencing “school days” that include violence, depression, poverty, trauma, and “coming out of the closet” to their family and friends. In the Spring of 2018, the voice of these young people and their true life stories were captured and published in kid-grit: THE BOOK, 25 authentic soul-searching stories from students across the nation

This dynamic general session will feature a candid conversation with Alvin Odems, Jesus Barajas, Erika Adre, Pau Lagarde and Azucena Benitez, who are five of the youth authors from kid-grit: THE BOOK. Now extended from their high school days by just a few years, these young people will reflect and share what helped them get through and gave them the “Grit” to persevere

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