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Neurobiology of Restorative Practices K-12 Certification

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Receive a Right-Brain Restorative Practices certification from the Los Angeles Institute for Restorative Practices LAIRP.  Providing the training by their founder Carlos Alvarez- World renowned speaker and trainer on Right-Brain Restorative Practices, Carlos has created a modality and restorative continuum that centralizes around the scholar's and educators neurobiological capacity. 



  • Level One -Neurobiology of Restorative Practices K-12 Certification
  • Right-Brain trainers manual 


8:00 am -12:00 pm (4 hours) 

Conference Price: $120.00 

Right-Brain Restorative Practices

Helping individuals heal or process an event via restorative practices solicits information from specific brain regions, specifically, domains that respond to danger or a perceived threat. As restorative practitioners, the quality of our understanding and awareness of our participant’s history is critical to explore. Every complex emotional and cognitive block that surfaces is where meaningful healing can unfold. Recalling what happened, for many, can become a grievous yet transformative process, especially when pain and trauma are connected to one’s own narrative.

Right-Brain Restorative Practices are implicit, self-centered modalities that evolved through elements of social-emotional learning, humanistic psychology, and regulation theory. These practices are grounded in guiding and supporting individuals as they learn to build the container necessary to process remorse, gain insight, and empathically develop accountability and restoration.


  • IDENTIFY and ANALYZE emotional domains that contribute towards repair/restoration and social emotional learning. 
  • EXAMINE right brain restorative practices and related domains in-order to develop a restorative approach of care.
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Trainer: Carlos Alvarez - Executive Director Los Angeles Institute of Restorative Practice

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Carlos Alvarez is a pioneer of Right-Brain Restorative practices which focus on the individual’s right brain hemispheric neurobiological and psychological capacity and response, these subcortical brain regions influence the valence of a transgression, emotional-regulation, and motivation. Mr. Alvarez has developed a Right-Brain Relationship Quadrant model that embraces an individual’s somatic, cognitive, and self-regulation during moments of conflict and or restorative encounters (RJ Conferences). His Right-Brain Quadrant model is being used to help Restorative practitioners around the world understand how to influence change and healing while being sensitive to their trauma and antecedent experiences that shaped their brains.  Mr. Alvarez is also the Founder of the Los Angeles Institute for Restorative Practices LAIRP a research consulting institute designed to support some of Los Angeles high-risk populations and teaching and mentoring school administrators, law enforcement, mental health paraprofessionals, and Policy officials on right brain restorative practices.

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