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From Victim to Defender: Teaching Students to Combat Bullying

Research has consistently demonstrated that bullying in schools is a global problem. It threatens students’ well-being everywhere. The issue, however, is identifying how many of these incidents constitute bullying, versus simply conflict or poor social skills. Many times, students are left without the social skills to solve simple conflict which eventually leads to bullying. To address this issue, students need to be equipped with the skills to advocate for their own well-being. This session focuses on teaching students to identify what is bullying and what is natural conflict. Participants will learn how to teach students to advocate for themselves, find solutions, or seek help without being a labeled snitch. Participants will engage in discussion about methods to identify bullies and victims of bullying, how to lead students in instruction to prevent bullying, and how to empower all students to act as defenders rather than victims. At the end of this session, participants will develop a school-wide plan for teaching students to identify conflict, identify instances of bullying, and identify higher order social emotional skills to prevent “conflict” from becoming bullying. Emphasis is placed on the prediction and prevention of conflict rather than the traditional reactive approach to bullying.

Trainer: Dr. Eric Landers

Dr. Eric Landers received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida with an emphasis on children with EBD. He has worked as a classroom teacher for students with behavioral disorders, a professor at West Virginia University and Georgia Southern University, and as an independent consultant for supporting school-wide behavioral systems. Dr. Landers has given hundreds of presentations and authored more than a dozen publications regarding bullying, responding to challenging behaviors, teacher job satisfaction, and school-wide PBIS. He is the founder/director of the Southeast Conference on Positive Behavior Interventions. Dr. Landers is also the creator of My-Behavior-Resource.com, a free online behavior resource for schools and MyBaseSystem.com, a comprehensive RtI data management system.

Specialties: School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, Students with Emotional / Behavioral Disorders

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