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This training will go beyond building capacity for data gathering and insights into program development strategies.  It will equip participants with access to an online platform to gather real time data that guides in the development of consistent plans that assess, address and manage School Climate and Student Engagement. Participants of this training will receive a 60 day trial account to Direction Survey, which allows for personalized local survey development.  Direction Survey is quickly becoming the Survey Instrument of choice for some of the largest school districts in the State of California.  Waiting for months, weeks and even days to get your data results is a thing of the past, Take Control of Your Data and start getting Real Time Data now!

Training Topics Include:

  • Target core campus issues impacting School Climate, using data to track and monitor progress
  • Trend local behavior utilizing the Direction Survey and Resource Database
  • Develop accountability plans that seek to build measurable student engagement and a positive school climate
  • Find Significant Disproportionate Data within subgroups on a campus 
  • Access resources to be utilize as part of the overall program development plans.

Using Your Data

Make time sensitive, accurate decisions for your program development based on data trends gathered. Get results immediately!

  • Discover how your data compares to other similar schools, communities and organizations with simple filter options.
  • Receive alerts when data of a specific category is higher than the National norm and be directed to resources tailored for that category.
  • Share graphs, spreadsheets and reports and distribute during presentations and meetings in XLS, PDF, CSV files.
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With Direction Survey you will discover a seamless tool to develop an unlimited amount of surveys, distributed to as many participants as you need.

Choose from Hundreds of Questions, developed specifically for use in Education, organized by categories!

Categories Include: Bullying, School Climate, Student Connections, Parent Involvement and Staff Development


John works with organizations across the country seeking to enhance school climate and student engagement. John has presented his work for the Urban Superintendents of America Association, the Office of Homeland Security on building Safe Schools, the California Attorney General Gang Prevention Summit, and the National Youth At Risk Center on Building Effective Peer to Peer Programs. He is the Author of the Evidence Based PLUS Program, Co-Author of the National Youth At Risk Bully Survey and the Founder of Direction Survey.  He now serves as the Executive Director for Protect Connect Educate Solutions.

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