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2022 EDU Wellness Conference Fitbit Step Challenge

Fitbit and PCE Solutions have collaborated to do a step challenge during the 2022 EDU Wellness Conference, from November 2-4. It is free for all attendees to participate, and multiple Fitbits will be rewarded to high-steppers. We also are offering all attendees a special 25% discount code to purchase 1 Fitbit.

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Anyone with a Fitbit or a smartphone can participate! If an attendee prefers their non-Fitbit device to track steps, they can download the Fitbit app on their smartphone, and select mobiletrack. This feature will pull step data from their smartphone while participating.

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Fitbit continues to expand our partnerships with educators due to the ever-changing nature and requirements of physical education. We have run numerous step challenges at conferences for years, and feel walking together at a conference is a fantastic way to network and share creative ideas about improving education among youth!

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Simply complete and submit the sign-up form from the link. A day or two before the conference, those who have signed up will receive a friend request from a Fitbit team member, which will allow you to be invited to the Step Challenge. Step challenges will be created the day prior, which mirror how various schools have set up step challenges between students and staff!

Anyone can participate, whether attending the conference in-person or at-home virtually!

Questions about Fitbit program in schools or the step challenge?

Email Tim at timothyschmidt@google.com