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The School Climate Conference Online Training is an opportunity for educators to learn the latest trends, research and strategies that are impacting K12 schools.  Participants of the Online Training will have a unique opportunity to engage in a real time virtual professional development training with program developers, authors and featured workshop speakers who present at the annual School Climate Conference.

All School Climate Conference Online Trainers will utilize the online platform Zoom to engage the participants.  To learn more on how to use Zoom and access the video conferencing platform, visit www.zoom.us

Online Training Series

Join a 60-90 minute online workshop delivered by feature speakers from the School Climate Conference.

Training Include:

  • Vaping and Youth Trends
  • Wellness & Mental Health
  • Bullying & SEL

Program Development & Curriculum Training

School Climate Conference has partnered with Protect Connect Educate Solutions to offer Multi day online training opportunities.

Training Include:

  • Grief Support Group
  • Activity Director Social Leadership Development Training
  • Evidence Based Program Development Training
  • K12 Data Trends