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Resilience Can Be Taught: 4 Strategies to Build Resilience in Every Student

In this training, participants will be introduced to four sources of resilience that will help students learn to look at their problems differently. These four sources are:

  • Relational Resilience: The ability to draw motivation from the support of others and others’ dependence on you.
  • Street Resilience: Using disrespect, discrimination, and mistakes as fuel to propel you forward in life.
  • Resource Resilience: The recognition that resilience can be increased by accessing seen and unseen resources around you.
  • Rock Bottom Resilience: The belief in your ability, even when you’re at your lowest point, to change your circumstances, combat hopelessness, and fight on.
why try

When students internalize the principles behind each of these sources, they are able to transform problems into positive motivation to help them succeed in school and post-secondary life.

This engaging presentation will use stories, activities, visual components, and other multisensory learning tools to demonstrate the power of transforming life’s inevitable negative situations into positive outcomes.

Trainer: Christian Moore

Christian is the author of the internationally recognized book The Resilience Breakthrough: 27 Tools for Turning Adversity into Action, and the founder of the Why Try Program.

Coming from a blended family of 12 children, Christian spent mostof his childhood years on the streets. In a neighborhood just outsideof Washington, D.C., he was exposed to a wide array of social problems, which opened his eyes to the many injustices that exist inour world today.

Christian’s programs use a multisensory approach to teach resilience to youth of every learning type. Over 2 million students have been taught with the WhyTry Program in over 20,000 schools, making itone of the fastest-growing programs of its kind. WhyTry is implemented in all 50 states and in countries throughout the world.